Sherman Restaurant Reopens

1-18-06 - The following is a press release from Paliminas Buffet:

Palominas Buffet will be open for regular business hours {10:45am - 9:30pm} on Wednesday, January 18, 2006.

On Monday, January 16, 2006 Palominas had a drain line bust underground outside the restaurant. Due to the inclement dry weather, an underground drain line had shifted, resulting in the problem on January 16th. Due to the busted drain line, Palominas could not use any water within the building and was therefore forced to close. The line has since been repaired and after a thorough investigation, the health department has cleared us for regular business.

It is important to note that the only citation Palominas received was for the busted line located outside the building. There were no citations given for improper food handling or preparation. It is also important to note that the citation had strictly to do with improper disposal of water from within the kitchen only {as a result of the busted drain line} and had absolutely nothing to do with sewage waste.

We thank the people of Sherman for their continued support and we have extreme confidence that everyone will recognize Palominas' continued efforts in our goal of being recognized as the best restaurant in Sherman thru continued excellent customer service along with the highest quality food at excellent prices!

Thank you for you coverage regarding this matter.

Palominas Buffet

Previous coverage:

A new Sherman restaurant remains closed on Tuesday after a police officer reported seeing sewage dumped into a storm drain. Texas Palominas Buffet voluntarily shut down Monday to deal with the issues.

It all started when a Sherman police officer making an arrest in an unrelated case noticed raw sewage being poured into a nearby storm drain. He immediately called it in and soon the Grayson Health Department came out.

After observing sewage back up drains in food preparation and storage areas, they asked them to shut down. The manager on duty was written a citation for failing to cease business. The health department is not sure how long the drains were backed up but say it covered a significant portion.

A broken line beneath the restaurant could have been the reason for the backup. Right now they're getting that fixed. They will have to pass inspection with the health department before they re-open. But a sign on the door says they will be opened tomorrow.

Texas Palominas Buffet has only been open for about a month.