Lawmaker Proposes Death Penalty for Repeat Sex Offenders

1-21-06 – A proposal by a local lawmaker would make the death penalty or life in prison without parole an option for repeat child sex offenders.

On February 6th, Senate Bill 1747 will hit the desk of Oklahoma lawmakers. The bill was authored by Senator Jay Paul Gumm. The lawmaker from Durant says the bill would give judges and juries the option of imposing the death penalty for those convicted of child sex crimes two or more times.

An Ardmore police detective says the bill may not stop all predators, it could deter some.

Senator Gumm says he is still working on a final draft of the bill before handing it over to lawmakers for consideration.

Current law in Oklahoma requires a repeat sex offender to wear a global positioning system for life.

Lawmakers will consider the measure when the 2006 session begins on February 6th.