Crime on Decline in Ardmore

1-24-06 - Over the past few months there were several armed robberies, drive by shootings, and just recently a bomb that was found in home. But the department says those crimes fall in just one area of crime. There are nineteen other categories to look at as well.

The biggest drop was in larcenies, car burglaries and auto thefts. And last year there were no murders in the city. That's down from two in 2004.

The department says the number of some crimes went up, but not by much. Those included aggravated assaults, domestic abuse, pick- pocketing and bicycle thefts. These stats will allow Ardmore PD to know what areas they need to focus more of their attention on.

The department is investigating several unsolved armed robberies and drive by shootings, and has started implementing its new tactical plan to get those numbers down as well.