Ada Teen Mutilates Neighbor's Dog

1-19-06 - An Ada teenager is accused of stealing a neighbor's dog and cutting its throat. Police say 19-year-old Robert Lee Bailey then dumped the dog in a well below his father's mobile home last Friday.

William Prowse's dogs are his whole family, each one like a child, and his poodle Sassy was the one that loved everybody.

Early Friday morning deputies say 19-year-old Robert Lee Bailey took Sassy from Prowse's yard, carried her to an abandoned trailer next door, cut her throat, and then dumped her in a well below.

They fear it was only done for pure pleasure.

Under Sheriff Joe Glover with the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Department said, "A lot of studies have shown that serial killers have started out in this fashion, tormenting animals and killing, and that it can lead to bigger or worse things.”

Bailey is in the Pontotoc County Jail held on a $50,000 bond, and Under Sheriff Glover hopes he gets the help he needs.

"We believe this kid has other issues and hopefully along with going through the criminal court system he will also keep some mental health treatment as well."

Prowse says with this arrest Sassy may end up not dying in vain.

"That she is a little heroine, a very strong purpose that she may have saved another human life down the road."

Robert Bailey is charged with two felonies, larceny of a domestic animal and cruelty to an animal. The under sheriff says during a interview yesterday Bailey confessed to the crime.

Robert Bailey had just moved to Pontotoc County from California to live with his father just two weeks before.