Atoka Mom Faces Felony Charges

1-20-06 - An Atoka woman is at the center of allegations that she gave alcohol to teenagers and made lewd comments to them. But Freda Durant claims she's innocent and is a victim of religious discrimination.

Freda and her family are Mormons, and claim they don’t tolerate alcohol in their home. But police say 6 teenagers, ranging from 14 to 17 years old, have made serious allegations that could prove otherwise. The 5 girls and 1 boy made separate statements to police detailing different instances. In each case, the say Freda showed them a sex toy or told them about one, often describing what she did with it.

Those allegations from this summer led to six charges – 3 counts of providing alcohol to minors and 3 counts of lewd and indecent comments to a minor. Freda was released on a $50,000 bond – her next court date is February 9th. But since then, the Department of Human Services has also investigated her family, which moved to Durant after the allegations arose. A hearing for temporary custody of her two teenage sons was scheduled for next Tuesday has been cancelled.

Freda says the allegations by the teenagers are untrue. She claims to be the victim of other parents who disapprove of her religious choices. Freda has hired a private detective, and is confident her trial will prove the local investigation by police is incomplete.