Familiar Faces: Gainesville Drug Bust

2-1-06- Two Gainesville men are behind bars again for possession and distribution of cocaine and they are no strangers to police.

48-year old Victor Fundora and 53-year old Ricky Scott were arrested last Friday, but it wasn't their first time. They were back in jail Wednesday after Drug Task Force agents from Carter County, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, and the Gainesville Police raided their hotel room along Interstate 35.

Authorities received a tip that the two men were making crack/cocaine inside their room. In the room, officers found about a ½ pound of the narcotic, along with marijuana, ecstasy, cash, and a stolen laptop. Gainesville Police Department say their records of Fundora and Scott go back all the to the early 80's. Police say the men were likely distributing to other dealers in the area.

Authorities say that Federal Agents will likely take over the case. Gainesville PD says the bust Friday night was the largest crack/cocaine bust in the history of the department.