Andrea Yates Heads To Mental Facility

2-2-06- Before she walked out of jail, her attorney, George Parnham, asked the media not to ask Yates or her escorts any questions. Andrea Yates was carrying a brown paper sack and wearing jeans, white sneakers and a blue-and-white striped shirt as she entered a car with her attorney and a private investigator headed for the hospital.

Yates, 41, didn’t say anything. Yates was being driven to the facility by a retired Houston Police homicide detective. Parnham followed them in his own car. Legally, the judge could not tell Andrea Yates she had to go to the mental facility, but the conditions of her bond require her to
stay at Rusk, a mental health facility in East Texas. Under the
condition of the bail bonds company, her bond would be revoked if she
were to leave the hospital, Parnham said.

The judge who granted the bond said the only reason she is allowing Yates to leave is because she will go to the hospital. Prosecutors wanted a $1 million bond, which would have made it difficult for Yates to get. Instead, the judge Wednesday set the bond at $200,000. Yates admitted to drowning all five of her small children in a bathtub, but last year a higher court overturned her conviction when they ruled that an expert witness had given false testimony.

Not only was Yates family at Wednesdays hearing, but her ex-husband Rusty was present. He is happy about the judges most recent decision. "What I’ve wanted all along is for Andrea to be in a mental hospital so you know, I’m all in favor of her being given a bond so she can at least be in a hospital awhile before trial," he said.

Assuming she goes to East Texas, she will have to come back to Harris County just before her trial begins March 20.