Pontotoc County Jail Over Capacity

2-2-06- Population at the Pontotoc County jail is at an all time high. Judges are trying to get folks out as fast as possible to help make the jail less crowded. The past week they have been reducing and settling low bonds to help clear out the jail. They say this is an issue they will have to deal with until a new jail is built.

The jail, located in Ada was built in the early 70's to accommodate 42 prisoners. Records show that one day this past week the jail was holding 78 inmates. The judges and sheriff have been sitting down daily to figure who they can release and who they can't. The first inmates to go are those in jail for not paying court costs. Then for the second round, they look at charges suspects are being held on and their past criminal record before making any decisions.

Sheriff Jeff Glase is working with Pontotoc County Commissioners to put a sales tax increase in front of voters. Authorities believe the number of prisoners is up due to the recent drug busts in the area over the past few weeks.