Kama Sutra Virus Arrives - Little Damage

UNDATED (AP) - A computer worm that was timed to strike Friday
has so far caused relatively little damage in Asia and Europe.

A research officer for a Finnish security company says `It's been pretty quiet." A manager at Hong Kong's official center for computer emergencies says he has not received any reports or calls for help from those infected by the worm. An executive at a Tokyo-based computer security company also says he hasn't confirmed any cases of the worm in Japan.

In India, a manager for a US security firm says about ten percent of his customers in the country have the worm. But he says they "followed the remedies and managed to avoid any problem."

One Italian city, however, did shut down 10,000 government
computers as a precaution.

Experts have warned the worm known by several names, including
"Kama Sutra," "Blackworm" and "My-wife-dot-E," could harm
documents using the most common computer file types.