Love County Woman Beats Scammers

2-2-06- A report on First News from over a year ago saved a viewer from being subjected to a phone scam. Christine Nabors saw the First News report warning viewers about a phone scam that was promising large sums of money to whoever they called.

She took down the information from the report and posted it by her phone as a reminder that if someone from these area codes called, not to be fooled by the scam artists. Then it happened to her. “I was already suspicious because, you know, you just don’t get a million dollars,” says Nabors. “They called and asked for me by name. They told me they were from an international lottery and my name had been chosen for, something like a million dollars,” says Christine who knew better after remembering this scam warning on First News.

The voice at the other end of the phone would tell her she had won a global lottery and all she needed to do was verify some information and then call back. The catch was, the number given to her was based somewhere in the Caribbean and all they were doing was running up phone bills. “And they gave me a number, and it looked kind of funny. So I looked up at that piece of paper on my wall with the number the station gave me, and lo and behold, there was that prefix.” Christine told the scammers she was recording their conversation and hung up.

SBC said they are aware of the scam, but there haven’t been any widespread reports of people being affected by this particular scam. The area codes to watch out for are (809), (284), and (876).