Underground Fire Doused in Ardmore

2-3-06- The Ardmore Fire Department battled a fire Friday that was underground and had been burning for close to five months.

Last September, a small grass fire swept through the Myle Road area in Ardmore and firefighters thought they had got it all out. But the fire actually went underground into a 30-year old dumpsite. For months officials kept receiving phone calls about smoke in the area but could never locate the source. And about two weeks ago they discovered an old tire dumpsite with smoke steaming up from the ground. They tried to put it out from the top but that did not work.

So to solve the problem, Friday they got a backhoe and dug deep, finding the source 15 feet underground. The fire department called out the Department of Environmental Quality to help with the process. DEQ says they are launching their investigation to see if the fire could have created any environmental hazards.

Ardmore Fire Officials believe the site was used by UniRoyal back in the 70’s. The city of Ardmore says it was considered a legal dump site by old ordinances.