‘Little heroes’ honored in Grayson County

Nathan and Connor Hood
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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- It can be hard to think clearly during emergencies, but two young boys handled a recent situation perfectly that helped save their mother’s life.

On June 13, Laura Hood fell to the ground suffering from a seizure. Despite her children's young age, four year-old Connor and five-year-old Nathan took action like their mom taught them by calling 911, and reached Grayson County dispatcher Dana Neighbors.

"He just called and said, told his brother that he had 911on the phone and that his mom had had a seizure and was laying in the floor," Neighbors says.

911 call:
Nathan: "My mom is having a seizure."
Dispatcher: "She's having a seizure? Is there anybody with y'all?"
Nathan: "No."
Dispatcher: "How old are you?"
Nathan: "Five."

Hood and her sons were spending the day house-sitting for a relative. When Laura suffered the medical emergency, Connor and Nathan stayed on the line with dispatchers, taking directions and checking on their mother.

Nathan describes what he did while waiting for help.

"Wait for them, wait for the police officers to come, and when the he gets here, get the phone to him."

Dispatcher neighbors says it was a pleasure working with the boys, saying they were very helpful, making sure their mother was blinking and breathing.

Neighbors says children are often a big help, and call 911 often.

"We get them quite often, you'd be surprised. But, he did good whenever he said that his mom had a seizure, I was trying to get all the information from him, make sure she was still breathing, blinking and was still alert," Neighbors says.

The boys spent ten minutes on the phone, giving neighbors updates on their mother's condition. Neighbors says children are often more calm than adults when calling 911, and she was glad to be able to help these boys save their mother.

"That’s my job everyday, and I continue to do it, that's for sure. And it's rewarding. At the end of the day, I know I’m going to go home and that they're safe."

Connor and Nathan were honored for their heroism by the Texoma Council of Governments at Monday morning's commissioners’ court, receiving medals, t-shirts, and stuffed animals. The boys even got to meet 9-1-1 mascot “Red E. Fox.”

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