Escaped Convict Captured in Love County

2-7-06 - After 5 months of freedom, an escaped convict was captured in Love County Tuesday morning by deputies and state troopers. 34-year-old Wendell Elliot escaped from Oklahoma City in September.

Since Elliott escaped five months ago, the love county sheriff's department has had dozens of call from folks spotting him around town. They found him today.

Authorities believe Elliott had been living in a house for the past month. It's just west of Marietta off Peanut Road. This morning a resident called the sheriff's department tipping them off to Elliott’s whereabouts.

Deputies along with the Marietta Police and Oklahoma State Troopers checked out the call. They found him hiding in an upstairs bedroom but were able to arrest him without incident.

The department of corrections and Jefferson County always believed Wendell Elliott was in Love County because he does have family here. Plus back in the nineties he served time for burglaries he committed out in the county as well.