Drug Treatment Clinic Comes to Ardmore

2-7-06 - A drug treatment facility that will soon open in Ardmore offers a treatment that some view as controversial. The clinic will offer methadone to addicts of drugs like heroin, Oxycontin and Lortab.

Southern Oklahoma Treatment Services will open up their methadone clinic doors February 23. Their mission is to help folks addicted to certain drugs kick the habit.

For addicts of heroin, Oxycotin and Loratab, small doses of methadone give them the fix they need but allow them to function in society, plus one dose can stay in the system up to 24 hours.

In the end it's easier for them to detach themselves from methadone than from the real drug, but drug agents say because it's an addictive drug it can cause problems.

Not everyone sticks with the treatment, and they're seeing more and more cases of it being sold on the streets.

Linda Henderson, a Southern Oklahoma Treatment Services Registered Nurse, says, "That is why we are so closely monitor and in here they really have to show they have their major addiction under control before they move out of the first phase where they're giving it dose by dose.”

Along with the methadone service the clinic also has a mental health treatment area. They say combining both helps treat the underlying drug use problem and increases their success rate.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says last year they had five methadone overdose deaths in southern Oklahoma. All the victims got the drug off the streets.