Drive-By Reoccurence In Ardmore

2-8-06- Shot were fired in an Ardmore neighborhood Tuesday night; the third reported shooting in the area in under a month. Ardmore Police currently have three suspects behind bars.

Neighbors say around 10:00 p.m. they heard several loud popping noises outside their homes. Later they discovered three people drove by and shot five times at a house on the corner of Burch Street and 9th Northwest. So far police cannot find any object that was hit, but they did find bullet casings on the ground.

The victims inside called 911 and gave police descriptions of possible suspects. Within 20 minutes police located the vehicle, the pistol used, and casings at a house off of Hargrove Street. Authorities do not believe this incident is connected to the drive by shootings from January.

The suspects are charged with shooting a firearm from a vehicle, possession of drugs, and child endangerment.