Training For Dickson Police Department

2-8-06- Accidents have become more common in Carter County, especially in the western part and that is why the Dickson Police Department is trying to be better prepared.

In the past, when the Dickson PD was called to a wreck in their area, they needed help from other agencies including the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Now, state troopers are showing Dickson how to manage an accident properly.

Lieutenant Charles Strausbaugh is hosting a four-week course on how to manage auto accident sites so Dickson Police do not have to look elsewhere for assistance. The course includes training on investigating and reconstructing crash sites. Training Dickson’s officer in the event of an accident will not only benefit the citizens in and around Dickson, but will help citizens as well with response and cleanup times going faster. The OHP will be able to spend more time patrolling the highways with this training.

The Dickson Police Department has already completed three weeks of training in a classroom situation. This week will be the final week of their training.