Neighbor v.s. City: Dispute In Sherman

2-8-08- A Sherman man says last summer’s fire that destroyed the Dollar General has cost him thousands of dollars and now the city is making things even worse.

Last June the Dollar General that used to stand off of Dewey Street was destroyed by a major fire. At the time, Dana Thurston’s family who lived just a few feet away were told to leave their home because they were in danger if the rest of the structure came down. The problem for the family is that the since the structure was burned, it has cost them quite a bit of money.

First, they had to build a fence to hide several vehicles they had in their backyard where the building used to cover the vehicles. The project cost them about $3,000, but it has not stopped neighbors from complaining that the home is a public nuisance.

Wednesday, Sherman Police officers were out on scene and went into his backyard to see if indeed there was a problem or potential health hazard. Thurston says that since the Dollar General has gone down, his family cannot find privacy in their home.

In addition to the money he spent on the fence, Thurston says that when they tore the remainder of the building down, several bricks fell onto his property doing thousands more in damage to the items he had in his backyard.

He says he is hiring an attorney and is planning to tack legal action against the contractor.