Technology Bringing A Family Together

2-9-06- Having your first child is always a special time for any couple, but for a father who is overseas for the military, missing out on this experience will be difficult.

Though possibly missing the birth of his first child, 20-year old Specialist Jared Therrian will be able to watch as his wife finds out whether their baby is a boy or girl. Technology is bringing this Denison family together for the first time since Therrian departed for his second tour in Iraq.

In December, the same month Jared left for Iraq an unexpected surprise popped up. They learned they would soon have another addition to their family. And on Christmas day, Tara found a gift available through the internet making it possible for her and her husband to both see the ultrasound that will determine whether their baby is a boy or girl. They’ll be able to see and talk to each other.

The due date is July 4th and Jared gets to come home for two weeks during that time. His family hopes he will be home for good in December.

Thursday, the First News cameras will also be in the room to capture the special moment. Be sure to watch First News at 5, 6, and 10.