Home Demolitions Saving Paris Money

2-9-06- In an effort to spruce up some run down neighborhoods, the city of Paris has been bulldozing entire houses every day. City workers say it is the dozens of homes that are abandoned, left behind when residents die, that attract all kinds of illegal activity and decrease the value of neighborhoods.

In all, 120 homes are either scheduled to be demolished, or up for consideration. Because homes turned over to the city after abandonment of foreclosure can be expensive to destroy, last week they contracted the entire project to one company.

The project should save $500-$1000 per building. Paris City workers have found alcohol and drug paraphernalia inside many of the homes.

Bray Construction and Waste Management are handling the clean up job. At a rate of 2-3 house per day, city officials expect to be completely done with the project within 30 working days.