Phonebook Misprint Costs Business

2-9-06- A printing error made in SBC’s December 2005 area phonebook has a local couple irate. They say the error is not only costing them money, but is endangering their family.

Tina and Steven Taylor help others to accomplish their dream, finding aspiring actors and singers auditions and casting calls. Steven himself recently appeared in the cable TV show “In the West”, and can be seen in several more soon to be released films at the box office.

But if you were to look in the phonebook you would take away a much different idea of their business they operate from their home where they are listed in the yellow pages under adult entertainment. In the month since the book’s delivery, they have received over two dozen phone calls from people inquiring about sex, alcohol, etc. It’s an error that they think obviously will hurt their business, but with two teenage daughters their greater concern are the people looking for a good time who now have their address. The Taylor’s say cars pull up to their home sometimes as late as 2:00 a.m.

So far the only sign of a solution came in form of a letter from SBC apologizing for a mistake. But their idea of fixing the problem is giving the Taylor’s a $132 credit for advertising in next year’s phonebook. The damage to their business will ultimately end up being far more than $132. Changing phone numbers is an option, but the Taylor’s say they have contacts with people all over the area and changing numbers would hurt business as well. This all a costly move for being in the wrong place, in the wrong book.