War On Drugs: Dickson PD Cracks Down

2-13-06- The war on drugs in Dickson is being fought now more than ever. In the past week the Dickson Police Department made four different drug arrests.

They say it is all because the road off of Highway 177 is becoming the new drug highway. Dickson authorities discovered the problem last summer. Instead of using Interstate 35 to move drugs, dealers are now taking back highways like 177 to avoid detection.

Now Dickson Police Department has put more men on the streets and at different times of the day. They are also making random traffic stops. With the new tactics, they have been able to confiscate between $8-10,000 worth of drugs.

Authorities say the biggest bust so far was from a stop this past Saturday where they confiscated seven bags of marijuana and 30 grams of meth ice. The Dickson Police Department is also trying to raise money to buy a drug dog.