Motivated To Ride: Man Biking Across USA

2-15-06- Some people still use their bicycle as a source of exercise and for good old-fashioned fun, but one man is using it for a much bigger reason.

Like most people, Don Boehly was horrified by the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Within three years the need of the victims motivated him to climb on his bicycle and make a difference. He began his ride in Grayson, Kentucky and has been riding for 17 months, with a goal to tour all 50 states. His purpose is to raise awareness for the fallen heroes and to make sure the right people are getting the support they need.

Wednesday, Boehly crossed the Red River making Oklahoma his 33rd state. Within seven months he hopes to arrive in New York finishing his continental tour, then raise money to make it to Alaska and Hawaii. Don has been through just about everything Mother Nature has had to offer from snowstorms in the northeast to sandstorms in the southwest, but he insisted that this will not end until he has reached all 50 states.

You can track Don’s progress and also get information on where to send donations by clicking here.