Propane Leak In Van Alstyne

2-16-06- Thousands of gallons of propane leaked into the air Thursday after an accident at a gas station occurred. Van Alstyne Fire Department intentionally set a flame and let it burn for about an hour and a half to eat up the propane vapors all thanks to a careless driver.

Around 11:00 a.m. a truck was filling up an underground propane tank at the Lone Star Foods Store off of 75 and 121 when a driver tried to squeeze between two pumps, clipping the line and releasing about 2000 gallons of highly flammable propane vapor into the air. The area was isolated and the nearby strip mall was completely shut down and evacuated. Unattended cars were moved by tow trucks as the liquid propane was taken out of the tank.

Strong winds actually make it easier to clear the propane from the area. All the businesses were shut down for the day but barring something unexpected, they should re-open tomorrow.