Landfill Litter: Trash Along Hwy 56

2-17-06- It’s a problem along highways across Texoma, but one trash-scattered road that leads to a landfill has some residents arguing that garbage trucks are the litter bugs. The Texoma area solid waste authority sends crews out along sections of Highway 56 to clean up litter on a daily basis.

Residents and local officials agree it’s a problem with violators that are hard to catch. But the question of who is chucking the trash is where people disagree. Precinct 3 officials have had several complaints in the pasta six months from drivers and residents who say trash is blowing off the tops of garbage trucks, getting stuck in the brush and trees alongside the road.

Highway 56 is the main road to get to the landfill. The executive director says 90% of the trash alongside the road has simply been tossed out of windows by citizens behind the wheel. The cites of Sherman, Denison, and Gainesville take their trash to the TASWA Landfill. They say they have not received any complaints of trash spilling out of trucks.

Law enforcers add that they seldom issue tickets for these violators. Littering in Texas is a class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.