Counterfeit Bills Used In Local Casinos

2-17-06- The Chickasaw Lighthorse Police has been investigating a sudden spike in counterfeiting in their casinos and now they are cracking down.

On Monday, two people were arrested in Marshall County for trying to pass fake money. Later, police found out that a convenience store was not the only place that was the victim of counterfeiting. That total plus the other 18 cases of counterfeiting in casinos this year and there is a problem. But authorities are cracking down and making sure that the money they receive is real.

So what should you look for to make sure the money you have is real? With the new design of bills, it makes it even tougher for people to copy money, but Chief O’Neal says counterfeit bills usually are missing a watermark or the security strip you find on the left side of the bill when you are looking at it face up. Also, the coloring tends to be off on the bills, which can throw up a red flag to authorities. Police say that most of the bills that have been passed have been $20’s. But there have been cases of larger bills being forged.