One Winner in Powerball Jackpot

2-19-06 - LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) The winner of the record 365 million dollar Powerball jackpot hasn't come forward yet, but that hasn't stopped the crowds from descending on the convenience store that sold the winning ticket.

The ticket was sold at a U-Stop in Lincoln, Nebraska. Owner Mick Mandl says the store is filled with reporters and customers today. He says everybody is excited.

The store gets a 50-thousand-dollar bonus for selling the ticket.

Clerk Stacey Carey says if she was the one who sold the ticket, she hopes the winner will give her a tip.

It may take a while for the winner or winners to come forward. The acting director of the Nebraska Lottery says winners of large jackpots tend to wait until they have sought legal or financial advice.

One Oklahoma ticket sold in last night's Powerball lottery drawing matched five numbers, but missed the Powerball, making it worth 200-thousand dollars.

It is the first jackpot winner since Oklahoma joined the multistate lottery game on January 12th.

The jackpot prize goes back to 15 (M) million dollars for Wednesday.

During Saturday night’s 10:00 p.m. newscast, the wrong numbers were read at the end of the newscast. The numbers displayed on Saturday night were Wednesday’s winning Powerball numbers. KXII sincerely regrets the error.