Local District Eyes Teacher Layoffs

2-21-06 - A Fannin County school district is facing a budget shortfall so large that teachers will likely be let go by the beginning of next year. The school needs an extra $300,000 just to finish this school year.

Students from Ladonia, Pecan Gap, and the Community of Bartley Woods attend Fannindel schools, and over the years, enrollment has declined.

State funding in Texas is determined by how many students attend school. Fannindel lost some funding, but kept the same number of teachers.

Overall, the school's debt tops $3 million, and the school says they will now have to make some hard choices very quickly.

The current superintendent has been on the job for less than two weeks. He’ll present a plan to the school board Monday night. That is when he'll reveal just how many layoffs are anticipated and who will be let go.