Ardmore Powerball Winner Comes Forward

2-22-06- After waiting since Sunday, it has now been announced who purchased the winning five number Powerball ticket in Ardmore.

Employees at Lasley’s One Stop were thrilled to hear the winning ticket came from their store, and to have it happen to one of their regular customers is even better for them. Jeffrey Sparks comes into the store a few times a week and lives just a few miles away.

Sparks' family says he’s still deciding whether or not he wants to promote this great win. But clerks at Lasley’s say they never believed out of thousands of tickets that Spark would be the winner. The announcement about the winning ticket is already having an effect on the store.

Since Tuesday Lasley's business for Powerball and for Lotto tickets has already doubled. Even though Sparks won $600,000, Lasley’s will not benefit from it at all except for the 6% they earn from ticket sales.

In Oklahoma, stores are only allowed to keep 6% of ticket sales, they do not collect anything from prize winners.