Bus Driving Incident In Sherman

2-22-06- It was a frightening moment for students on a Sherman school bus Tuesday afternoon, after police say the driver got sick behind the wheel.

27 students from Dillingham, Piner, and Sherman High School were on the bus when the driver began to drive erratically, at one point clipping a street sign. Some of the students got off the bus at Piner Middle School where the assistant principal spoke with the driver. The school official said at the time the driver seemed to be fine. The students were allowed to call their parents for a ride after they complained that the driver ran over a curb.

The bus continued on its route and later another student used a cell phone to call her father, who is a Sherman Police officer. School officials worked with police to recall the driver and stop the bus. When authorities got to the bus, the driver told them he was sick. He was taking medication for a throat infection and had not eaten that day because of the pain.

An ambulance took the driver to Wilson N. Jones where he agreed to give the police a sample of his blood. No one was injured and the driver was not at work Wednesday.