8-year Old Cold Case Going to Trial

2-24-06- A Marshall County murder case that went cold for eight years has enough evidence to go to trial. The preliminary hearing took almost a full day, but after five hours of testimony, a judge ruled there was enough evidence against William Studeman and his son Matt to stand trial.

The Studeman’s were arrested last April on first-degree murder charges. They are accused of shooting David Lynn Creecy in an Enos home in 1997.

Friday, five people testified against the Studeman’s. Many said the two had admitted to the murder in the past and they were even at the home when Creecy was found dead. It was the late District Attorney Mitch Sperry who asked for more investigating to be done on the case and what ultimately led to charges being filed. The case was continued four times before Friday’s preliminary hearing, the last time being the day Mitch Sperry passed away.

Both Studeman’s are still behind bars. Their formal arraignment is set for March 16th.