New Medicare Plan Affecting Co-pays

2-24-06- It’s all about the co-pays that people pay when they go to the drug store and present their ID cards for Part D. What is worrying some is not the increase in prices, but the fact that it is happening so rapidly.

The increases vary from drug to drug, but a government study conducted in February on the price of ten leading Part D plans shows that the cost of brand name drugs went up 4.5%. Throughout the year of 2005 the total increase was just 3.4%. Though small percentages, people on fixed incomes are discovering the price for drugs is changing, can be frustrating.

Those who are on the low-income subsidy who currently pay $1.00 to $5.00 for their prescriptions are not affected. It is only those with co-pays that may vary depending on the drug who will be impacted by this.

The center for Medicare and Medicaid services that regulates the plans, says plan prices depend on where drug companies set their prices for their products