New Program Helping Ardmore Educators

2-24-06- Educators with the Ardmore City School System are using computers to better help students. They are using a website called “EduSoft” that is helping teachers eliminate the difficult process of test making and grading.

The program will help teachers make their own tests to see how well the students are learning the material in class. Instead of just one standard type of test, they are able to make any type of test they want and of any length. Educators hope that the program will give teachers a better idea of where their students are academically, and also help them prepare for state testing that begins in April.

Unlike the past, where teacher had to spend hours making and grading tests, they say this new program brings them a relief, which will give them more time to teach. Teachers will be able to slide the test in a machine and the results are revealed in a matter of seconds.

The program was developed in November of 2005. The schools in Ardmore starting testing the program back in January.