Charges Filed Over Dead Cattle

3-1-06 - A Choctaw County man was arrested Tuesday morning in what investigators are calling one of the worst cases of animal neglect that the area has ever seen.

In all, 46 head of Black Angus cattle have died, apparently from starvation on a ranch near Soper.

Last Friday, the USDA hauled 200 head of cattle, belonging to Clayton Shulz, to a local auction in Hugo. Some of the herd was as much as 300 pounds underweight.

On Shulz’ deserted property, deputies found piles of bones, decomposing carcasses, and some cattle still struggling to live. Neighbors spotted the dead and starving cattle a week ago and contacted authorities.

Shulz told deputies that he'd been feeding the herd feed and grain three times a week, but they found no evidence in the feed troughs. The pasture had been grazed barren – the only thing authorities found was water.

Shulz was arrested and then released on a $25,000 bond. We tried to contact him today but were unsuccessful. His remaining cattle will be auctioned off this Friday in Hugo.

He is facing one count of animal cruelty, but prosecutors will factor in the deaths of all the animals.