Bryan Co. Jail Hits Budget Crisis

3-1-06 - The Bryan County jail is an auxiliary jail that can house up to 123 inmates and the county is considering closing the jail temporarily. But the county cannot do that until they decrease the number of inmates.

One way to decrease that number is to put state inmates back into the state’s hands. Last week six Department of Corrections inmates were transferred, and four more left on Wednesday. It is option commissioners are thinking about, but no decision has been made yet.

They say more research is needed. Another drawback is that those DOC inmates mean less money coming into the jail. So in that case, the jail is applying for a bank loan. As a long-term solution commissioners are seriously considering asking Bryan County voters to approve a sales tax increase.

They do not know the amount yet, but they will have to decide very quickly to put it on the ballot this summer. County commissioners are holding another meeting on Monday to discuss the funding crisis.