KXII Family Member Being Deployed

3-2-06 - The deployment of the 1-180th National Guard Unit is not only affecting locals here in Texoma, but the KXII family as well. Our own Todd Larkin will be heading to Afghanistan as a public affairs liaison.

From the OU sidelines, to the dense smoke of wildfires Todd see life from both sides of the camera. As a national guardsman, he has also seen the desert of the Sinai Peninsula, while he was deployed three years ago. A Madill native, Todd is no stranger to telling stories as he has been a photographer and sports reporter for KXII-TV.

As Todd’s journey with his fellow guardsman begins, the First News viewers will be going along with him. With a mini-DVD camera in tow, Todd will send back video diaries from their training in Mississippi to the final deployment in Afghanistan. He will share the stories we often do not see from the war on terror, the good our troops are doing and the difference our soldiers are making.

And viewers will have a chance to see more than just Todd. First News will feature one soldier spotlight each week with a chance for that enlisted man or woman to say hello to family back home.

And Todd will be doing double duty as working as the public affairs liaison for the 180th, and writing stories not just for us but also for his fellow soldiers. The KXII family will miss Todd and look forward to his safe return and that of the entire 180th Unit.