240 new laws go into effect in Oklahoma

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(OKLAHOMA)-- 240 new laws went into effect in Oklahoma Friday ranging from horse slaughter to an increase in driver's license fees.

One of those new laws deals with abortion. It requires parents of minors seeking abortions to prove they are the minor's legal guardian before the abortion is performed. Another law allows family members to place surveillance cameras in the nursing home rooms of their loved ones One law Senator Josh Brecheen worked hard to pass lowers Oklahoma's worker's compensation premium rates which have historically been among the highest in the nation. Brecheen says, " that's gonna lend itself to those employers having more dollars to hire more people.. Which is gonna take us..and we already have one of the lowest unemployment areas in the nation..Oklahoma is growing, we're booming..this is one of those little areas we knew we needed to tweak to make us really attractive to the business community."

Other new laws include:

• Senate Bill 501 gives cities and counties the authority to ban smoking on any properties they own. Smoking also is banned on state-owned property.

• House Bill 1413 allows licensed armed private investigators to carry an unconcealed firearm, whereas before they could only carry concealed.

• House Bill 1242 allows municipal judges to carry a firearm statewide, after passing a training course.

• House Bill 1622 allows private schools to draft their own rules allowing citizens licensed to carry a gun to do so on their property, including school buses operated by the school.

• Senate Bill 173 allows private property owners to prohibit the carrying of guns on their property and refuse admittance to anyone who fails to do so. The bill also allows persons issued a permanent victim's protective order to obtain a temporary handgun license not to exceed six months.

• House Bill 1058 allows defendants to request court and law enforcement records related to prostitution be expunged if the defendant was the victim of sex trafficking.

• Senate Bill 1 allows intoxicated individuals helping another intoxicated person seeking medical attention to be immune from a public intoxication charge.

• House Bill 1341 allows Oklahoma beer breweries to offer on-premise samples. The samples are not to exceed 12 oz. per person, per day. The samples would be free and would be available only from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Brewers would have to pay an Oklahoma excise tax on sampled beer.

• HB 1782 allows first responders to administer, without prescription, drugs that counter potentially life-threatening effects of an overdose of opiates.