Killer Nurse Gets 11 Life Terms

3-3-06 - A former nurse sentenced to 11 consecutive life terms for the murders of 22 people in New Jersey left the families of his victims hurt once again.

During an emotional sentencing hearing Thursday, 46-year old Charles Cullen refused to explain himself, apologize or even tell a judge why he did not want to talk after relatives of his victims confronted him for the first time, calling him "a monster" and "vermin."

Cullen, one of the worst serial killers ever discovered within the U.S. health care system escaped the death penalty after making a deal with prosecutors to tell them which patients he killed with hard-to-detect drug injections. He had pleaded guilty to murdering 22 people in New Jersey and trying to kill three others.

He is scheduled to be sentenced March 10 for seven murders and three attempted murders in Pennsylvania. Cullen has claimed to have killed up to 40 people during a career that spanned 16 years and 10 nursing homes and hospitals.