Plane Crashes Into Home - Pilot Dies

3-6-06 - A single-engine airplane crashed into an abandoned house Monday, killing the pilot of the airplane and touching off a fire. The pilot was alone in the Cessna C-37 airplane, and there were no reports of any injuries on the ground. The accident occurred about 2 miles south of Fittstown on the Canyon Creek Road.

Witness statements reported the aircraft had some type of trouble moments after takeoff and was trying to return to the landing strip but failed to reach it and crashed approximately 500 yards short of the grass runway. The airplane struck some trees and then hit an abandoned empty structure. The airplane burned upon impact and the pilot was killed instantly.

The victim was 59-year-old Robert Reinauer, who was a pilot for American Airlines. The pilot lived near the crash site and had a private landing strip on his land.

Reports from area neighbors said the pilot had just sold the airplane and was taking it to Dallas, Texas to the new owner.

FAA spokesman Roland Herwig says the crash was reported to the
Federal Aviation Administration at 1:11 PM. The flight originated in Stonewall. Fittstown and Stonewall are two small towns located near Ada in southeastern Oklahoma.