Amber Alert Hoax Via Email

3-6-06 - An amber alert email has been popping up in some inboxes, and it is all a prank that is reaching more inboxes through email forwards.. The emails target people who are willing to help when a child is missing.

It says a child, Penny Brown is missing and there is a picture and a story, and it states forwarding the email could help save little Penny Brown’s life. Email hoaxes like this, can be harmful. Some contain viruses or spread span on the web. Other amber alert hoaxes have curculated. Law enforcement says they will never notify the public of an amber alert via email.

If you receive the email and are curious if it is a fake or not, you can find out by checking with you local law enforcement or going to a nationwide website. To protect your computer, do not open any attachments or reply to the email.

You can de-bunk internet hoaxes by visiting or These websites will allow you to take your email address off of the list that are accumulated when the spam emails are constructed.