Electronic Ballots Trigger Delays

3-8-06 - The hope of faster election results in Grayson County was dashed Tuesday night as an electronic ballot machine caused a lengthy delay. Unofficial results were released at 11:30pm, minus one precinct.

Election officials say the machine from the Cherry Mound precinct contains around 60 votes. It was not shut down properly, and the votes cannot be removed from the computer memory. A technician from the electronic ballot company was on hand all night.

Normally, ballots are counted and released within 3 hours of polls closing at 7pm. But after early voting numbers were released at 7:20pm, no other ballot numbers were released until 10pm, when election officials released some 200 votes, that were made on the old-form ballots.

The unofficial results released late Tuesday night appear to show four clear-cut winners - none of the 4 races were closer than a few hundred votes. But due to the missing 60 votes, none of the candidates has been declared a winner.

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