Safety 101: Spring Break Traveling

3-9-06 - Several students have already hit the road for Spring Break and some are still waiting for next week. But after last year’s tragedy in Aruba, student safety is even more of a concern this year.

Travel agents in the area say this Spring Break has been one of the busiest ever, the busiest season since 9/11. But the name Natalie Holloway is being used as an example of why preparation is vital before any trip. Natalie Holloway, an Alabama teen went on a class trip to Aruba last year and vanished.

What happened to Holloway in Aruba was very unfortunate, but nothing that cannot happen anywhere else.

Authorities are asking students if you travel make sure to let people know your plans. If you are traveling by car, make sure your vehicle is maintained. Make sure you are going with a group, and check with friends or family back home often.