Students Traveling for Spring Break

3-10-06 - For students in Texas and Oklahoma, Spring Break is underway or right around the corner and the carefree atmosphere that comes with partying can potentially mean more accidents on the road.

With some 200,000 students headed to south Texas for Spring Break, you can certainly count on a dew of them hitting the local highways and interstates to make the drive. Law enforcement will be keeping an eye out, especially for those who decide to drink and drive.

Statistics show that Texas leads the nation in drunk driving deaths with almost 1/3 of the accidents caused by young adults under the age of 26. Extra law enforcement will be patrolling the highways across the state during the Spring Break weeks and Grayson County DPS troopers are offering tips to stay safe, no matter what the destination.

With kids leaving on Friday and Saturday, then returning on Sunday troopers say the next few weekends have the potential for heavier traffic than usual and they ask that everyone on the road use caution. Texas has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving underage that can result in license suspension, a fine and community service, and even time behind bars.