Hometown Hero Visits PenPals

3-10-06 - Students at Lone Grove Elementary received a big surprise Friday when a hometown hero came to visit. They knew the soldier well, but had never met him in person.

While Army Military Police Officer Gene Barton was serving in Iraq, students from Lena Musgrove’s class wrote him letters. Barton graduated from Lone Grove back in 2002, so the kids did their part to give support to a fellow longhorn. The officer was back home this week and decided to pay his pen pals a visit. The students had no idea he was coming and he surprised them by showing up during class, and presenting them with a plaque and a flag.

The kids were excited to finally meet the man they had been writing to for so long. Gene will be home for about another week before he has to go back to Iraq. His next tour of duty will last four months.