Man Uses Sledge Hammer on Vehicle

3-13-06 - Frightening moments for employees at the Bryan County Health Department Monday morning after a man showed up carrying a sledge hammer. The call was dispatched around d 8:20 a.m. reporting that a man was in the parking lot using a sledge hammer to destroy a car.

Employees locked down the department and kept everyone inside. One of the employees identified the man as her husband. Just minutes after calling for help, police arrived and found the man at the front doors trying to force his way in. Officers took him into custody, but released him later on Monday after a mental health evaluation. It was determined by authorities that he was not a danger to himself or anyone else. That is no comfort to employees, who say they are scared.

No charges have been filed on the suspect. Police say he could face a misdemeanor charge for damaging his wife’s vehicle with the sledge hammer. Officials say the case will be turned over to the DA’s office.