Got Scammed? Restaurant Coupons

3-13-06 - Discounts at your favorite restaurants sounds appetizing, but after some checking around some Texomans found out it was anything but.

Forget email or phone scams, cards have been arriving in the mailboxes of Texomans promising some delicious deals at some popular restaurants from the NLN Marketing Company based out of Florida. The company said if you send $14.95 in the mail you will receive $1000 worth of coupons at local restaurants.

Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, or any of the other restaurants on the coupon did not have permission to honor a coupon from the marketing company. First News checked with the Florida based company and they say the card is a great deal and denied it is misleading.

Local restaurants strongly urge people to watch out for scams such as this one and say that most of the legitimate coupons that are available are free.