Illegal Dumpers Caught in Action

3-14-06 - Illegal dumping is a continuous problem in Carter County, but last night one resident finally took things into his own hands. Residents off of Indian Hill Road deal with people dumping trash in their yards and on the side of the street daily.

Jimmy Whitfield was driving home Monday night when he saw three teenagers dumping leaves, branches, and dried crass from a can onto his property, being the third time dumping had occurred on his property in the past week. Whitfield notified the Carter County Sheriff’s Department and while waiting for the deputies to arrive he detained the adolescents.

He says with this incident, it is not so much what they were dumping, but the principle of what they were doing. Whitfield did not press charges against the teens, but they will have to clean up the area.

A citation for illegal dumping can cost a violator up to $360 in Carter County.