What's the Future of Lake Texoma Lodge?

3-15-06 The effort to revitalize what people call an aging resort at Lake Texoma took another big step today. State Senator Jay Paul Gumm and Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin unveiled plans to give the resort a facelift.

The state will offer a letter of intent to a private developer from Connecticut to begin work on a new lodge and golf course. Along with new restaurants, residential developments and walking trails, the current Lake Texoma Lodge will be replaced with a world class resort hotel. The Chickasaw Pointe Golf Course will see renovations as well.

The developer expects to sink up to $350,000,000 dollars into the project. Oklahoma, especially folks in Marshall County, will see plenty of money coming their way as a result of this project. New businesses and jobs will bring in profit as well as a renewed vigor in tourism and population. Schools set to benefit as well.

"The dollars coming in will certainly help improve and assist," says Debbie Burden of the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce. "The school districts here are growing exponentially."

An estimated $9,000,000 dollars will be distributed to schools. The deal is not final yet. There are still some formalities to sort out. The state and the developer must agree on the terms.

No exact timetable has been given on how long it will take to complete the project, but officials say it could take up to 10 years.