March Madness in the Workplace

3-16-06 Thirty-two NCAA tournament games will be played today and tomorrow, many of them during the day while people are working. The real fans find a way to watch anyway.

The games started at 11:00 this morning and won't stop until around 11:00 tonight. For most, that means work gets in the way of watching, or does it?

For some, it is work that takes a backseat to the games. In fact, across the country, it is estimated that companies lose over $3,000,000,000 in productivity during the first two days of the tournament.

Businesses we talked to locally were hard at work, but also occasionally sneaking a peak at the score. Work may pay the bills but remember, a lot of workers have a chance to take home cash in their office pools. Certainly, they have good reason to watch.

Brackets are big business, and as John Allen of Allen Air Conditioning found out, sometimes it gets in the way of real business.

"I said get away from that screen got to talk business and he said leave me alone, Boston College and somebody was playing," says John Allen of Allen Air Conditioning.

To make things even worse for those with jobs behind a computer, March Madness On Demand is available this year where you can watch from your computer. An interesting side note, some of the businesses we talked to today said office pools are not allowed.

You can catch all tournament action on KXII.