Jailers On the Verge of Quitting

3-20-06 - Escapes, firings, and contraband are some of the headlines featuring the Bryan County Jail and now another to add is the threat of jailers quitting. Jailers are demanding a raise in pay as now they earn $950 per month with no overtime allowed.

A majority of jailers met outside the commissioner’s court conference room around 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning carrying a letter for the jail trust authority demanding a pay raise and compensation for overtime. But one hour prior to the meeting it was rescheduled due to the lack of quorum. The jailers still met with two of the board members.

Jailers tell First News they will walk off the job if they do not receive a raise by the end of the current pay period.

They say they will make their official demands at the rescheduled meeting on Wednesday.