Local Teen Recognized by US Marshall

3-20-06 - A U.S. Marshall was in Sherman Monday with his eyes on a Sherman teen that he says symbolizes the future of law enforcement in this country.

It was a surreal scene at the Sherman Police Department as officers, US Marshalls, and firefighters lined up to shake the hand of 19-year old Julio Rodriguez. Dedication and desire are two big reasons why Julio was honored with an award from the US Marshall service Monday.

It has been his dream to become a police officer, but during high school Julie was a stocky 265 lbs. But determined to capture his dream he attended the Sherman Public Safety Youth Academy and has lost 100 lbs in the last year. U.S. Marshall John Moore read Julio’s story in a local newspaper last week and was so impressed by the teen that he applied to get him the award.

Julio said he was pick on in school for his size and always sat in the back of the class. But for the people who teased him, all he can say is thank you.